Surrealist Museum Seoul

Lecturer with Francois Roche and Stephan Heinrich
M.Arch II Post-professional Architectural Design Studio

Studio Course Blog

We are in a situation to develop a museum of an Art-Cultural movement, the ‘Surrealism’ which is by nature incompatible with the statement of its Mind values, from psycho disorder to ‘pataphysic approach…

The passage of two juxtaposed realities, to play strategically the incoherencies between real and fiction, dream (nightmare) and logic…seems unreachable, un-manipulable ?

The tooling of the Architects are mainly oriented to a positivism instrumentation, dedicated to a domination of a situation…exclusively condemn to be stuck in the visible spectrum…at the opposite, to avoid to answer, meaning to avoid to symbolize what is not ‘representable’…we should accept to slipper in our ‘psychopathology’, our idiosyncrasy, with or without Mescaline (the psychedelic alkaloid of some Surrealist)…as a protocol of (un)knowledge, engaging a degree of individual and collective masochism, to abandon the preeminence of the territories from where we use to justify the position of knowledge, master-planned. We are condemn in this case to develop unpredictable, uncertain scenario, for a constantly mutating sequence of possibilities (add a morsel of a difference and the result slips out of control, shift the location for action and everything is different), as the ideal occasion to evaluate the fundamental gap between systems that base their development on scenarios and those that base their development on planning.

So, we navigated in a suspended time, balancing between improbable scenario applied to situations and probable technologies, with computation and machinism. The narrations, vector of design process are reevaluating – requestioning the ‘reason of being’ of their existence, without to deny the unreality of their permanencies, as an architecture able to die, programmed to die.

A surrealism museum is genetically a misunderstanding from where we could create the possibility of a manifesto about the illusion of its incarnation…as the choice to NOT BE… drifting in another zone…through a kind of ‘Malentendu’ (French word in the middle of Mishearing and Misunderstanding).

For something which self disqualifies its existence…. But at the condition to be formulated with an extreme manipulation of Science-Geometry-Computation-Substance-Robotic, which underlies the appearent logic of its intentional non reality.

LiFeng Lin & LanMuZhi Yang

Bing Lu & Jamin Seo

BiQi Zhang & Jiannan Jiang & Konstantina Koligliati