Massive Gangrene

Lecturer with Francois Roche
M.Arch I Core Studio

Studio Course Blog

Similar to the Rauschenberg 1953 art piece, Erasing a De Kooning Drawing, to recreate the condition of the void, of the absence, for a monochrome without any other traces than the furrows of the pencil pressures on the surfaces of the paper… our intention is to nibble the city, literally, by operative mode as crunching, scrunching, munching, through digesting, metabolizing, stomaching…to regurgitate new assemblages, new (dis)order of smashed construction by vomiting, pooping, extruding, aggregating…with delicate violences…to reboot flagshi(t)p…and drift, shift social delusion of organization… Upenn Course Fall-2014

Jackie Martinez & Walaid Sehwail

Billy Wang & Geongu Lee

Rhea Gargullo & HyeJi Yang