Rope Net Maker

Contactless curve network
with Overhand Hook Loop and Sheet Bend knots

This script creates a tied net from a loose set of curves. It was built to take two sets of curves that aren't touching at all and roughly run perpendicular to each other. The difficulty of this process lies in how to manage the indirect close/connection points between the sets of curves and then build unique knots or overhand conditions at each of the intersections. A Python component was used to find these close point connections between curves and then to sort those sets of two points for the next step of the process. It was made with a relatively random spread of knotting conditions. Clusters were used to keep the overall script in a more legible condition for further working and troubleshooting the script. A Rope maker script was created from the ground up, since it had to be incredibly robust and efficient (simple mesh tube sweeps), and used to make it a twisted three-part rope.

Rendered Overview and Details

In Action

Curves and the Resulting Knot



Script Overview

Cluster Example: Sheet Bend Knot Creation Rig