When a Wave Rolls Out and the Next Has Not Yet Broken

Curated by Elmar Mellert

From Akademie Schloss Solitude website for the exhibition [no longer exists]:

09. December 2017 19:00, 08. December 2017 19:00
installation, screening, exhibition
Project space Römerstrasse 2A

»Under attack is the rationalistic notion that art is a form of work that results in a finished product. ... What art now has in its hands is mutable stuff which need not arrive at the point of being finalized with respect to either time or space. The notion that a work is an irreversible process ending in a static icon-object no longer has much relevance.«
Robert Morris in Notes on Sculpture Part 4, 1969

»Work in progress,« »ongoing« and »continuing« are just a few terms that artists use with much enthusiasm when referring to their own practice. The idea of incompletion within a body of work allows the artist to investigate subjects in a never-ending process, generating different stages of complexity. Nonetheless, there are different reasons why an idea or inspiration – a rare event and when it occurs, a true celebration – is often held on to and is prone to obsession. Like »a running system that should never be changed,« there is an awareness and risk in abandoning a once found blossoming source, which can be the birthplace for an almost never-ending flow of production. A stability providing partnership. The exhibition When a Wave Rolls Out and the Next Has Not Yet Broken invites artists in residence at Akademie Schloss Solitude and artists from the Stuttgart art scene to present a wide range of different work stages at Akademie Schloss Solitude's off-space, Römerstraße 2A. In-between exploration, research, and first formal or material approaches, the exhibition is drawn to artistic production attempts which focus on the spatialization of ideas without leading them to an artificially induced ending. An artwork is often declared as accomplished when it leaves its initial process to then be transformed into a vendible object of desire inside the art market. When a Wave Rolls Out and the Next Has Not Yet Broken is the attempt of visualizing an intuition, which builds up tension, without discharging itself in a finalized and rigid display.

Contributing artists:
anorak, Vanja Babić, Bureau Baubotanik, Ulrike Buck, Daniella Domingues, Janis Eckhardt, Marina Gioti, Alexander Gries, Ana Husman, Devin Jernigan, Fotini Lazaridou-Hatzigoga, Zoltán Lesi, Sandra Meireis, Ricardo Portilho, Adam Słowik, Raphael Sbrzesny.

Friday night: opening
Saturday night: lecture Long Now – Short Story by Bureau Baubotanik and reading by Zoltán Lesi.

The Wet-wall World (Rat House) schematic drawings