The Circus Artifact Digital Archive

The Circus Artifact Digital Archive is an ongoing hobby project to digitally document as many lost circus artifacts as possible.

Nearly all medium- to large-scale circus ephemera, from equipment and wagons up to the Big Tops, was left to decay. We can use digital tools to reconstruct these artifacts for future usages, such as in films, television shows, and fairs. The historical accuracy of these objects (their measurements, years in use, what they looked like, and the circuses they belonged to) all provide additional details to be incorporated into the digital objects and their archival records. Another substantial effect of creating digital copies of these artifacts is that they can retain all of the original details while staying full-scale and without physical decay. In other words, they are at their original scale and long-lasting.

Objects in the Archive

Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Combined Shows "Big Top" (1920)

Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus Fridgidaire & Polar Bear Cage Wagon (1934)