The Rat House

January 26 until March 4, 2018
Akademie Schloss Solitude

from the Akademie Schloss Solitude exhibition website:

The Rat House is a live view inside an exposed, wood stud, wet, and rat-infested wall. It is as well an assault on our preconceived notions of architecture through the very walls they were built with. The Rat House perturbs the way we see any and all walls around us by ripping them open; and making them become: maligned material layers, helpless productive systems, and unavoidable voids. At a time in architecture's development where cleanliness and righteousness is the utmost priority for acceptance and praise, The Rat House is an unrelenting act – a sleeping amble – of unapologetic non-cooperation.


Reclaimed wood from previous Solitude projects, high-torque motor, caster wheels, various other mechanical attachments. 4m(W) by 4m(H) by 0.3m(D).

Elevation animation

H.265 encoded Ultra High Definition Animation (3840px by 1504px). 4.070m(W) by 1.594m(H).